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- Winners -



Best Video - It's Been Awhile by Queen Cleo


Best Video RU - Back Off by Kerstin

Best Drama - Welcome to Neptune (Rachel Shanz)


Best Drama RU - Try (whereistheluv)

Best Angst - It's Been Awhile (Queen Cleo)


Best Angst RU - Try (whereistheluv)

Best Shipper - Desperately (whereistheluv)


Best Shipper RU - Run (Alli)

Best Music - Try (whereistheluv)


Best Music RU - Back Off (Kerstin)

Best SFX - No Nelly Video (dinadrama)

Best SFX RU - Desperately - whereistheluv

Best Character - Climbing up the Walls (wickedripeplum)


Best Character RU - Try (whereistheluv)

Best Episodic - Where the Boys Are (wickedripeplum)

Best Seasonal - Welcome to Neptune (Rachel Shanz)


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