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- Categories -

Best Video

Each video gets automatically nominated for this category. This video has to make me go "WOW!" You cannot nominate yourself for this category.

Best Editing (NEW CATEGORY!)

Each video is considered for this award. The winning video will flow well with the music and have nice transitions. You cannot nominate yourself for this category.

Best Drama

This has to be a really dramatic vid. We're looking for intensity in a varying degree of emotions.

Best Angst

This video has to make me sad, pull at my hair, and/or scream "WHY GOD, WHY?!" I'm sure a lot of LoVe videos will make it into this category *wink*

Best Comedy

Funny vids go here.

Best SFX

Best special effects. Now, we can't have a wipe at the beginning and random fades throughout the video and call that special effects. Whatever you do, it needs to fit the music and the video well. You should know if you fit this category.

Best Character

This category is for videos that center around one character. Not one couple, one character. If you make one that features a pairing the character  belongs to that's fine, but if it's all about their tragic romance don't nominate it here.

Best Shipper

This is where the tragic romance goes. Or the happy love affair (though who would that be?) Send 'em this way.

Best Episodic

This category is somewhat of a misnomer. If you have a video based on one of the episodes, then that's a pure episodic vid. If you have one that's based solely on one of the plotlines of the season, like Lilly's murder, then you can nominate it here, too. Yay for vagueness and confusion.

Best Music

If you think you picked a good song for your video, plop it here.


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